Making Mead: from bee to bottle

Making Mead: From Bee to Bottle

Because I sell honey people would ask me “why don’t I make mead?”  

My response was always I don’t have the equipment to make it.  After hearing this question one too many times I decided to see if people would put their money where their mouth is.  I made an appeal for about ten people to stump up £10 so I could by fermentation equipment.

15 people donated £10 and I bought fermentation equipment.

To find out how I got on, please watch the video.

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Polystyrene Hive – assembling, painting and review Maisemore Brood Box

I thought I would do a video showing how to assemble Maisemore’s flat back polystyrene brood box, see how this poly brood box fits with existing wooden equipment.  I also transfer a colony of honey bees from a polystyrene nucleus hive to my newly assembly poly brood box and poly roof.

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Restocking Honeybees

In this blog I examine the influences upon beekeepers to restock their apiaries honeybees at the time of the Isle of Wight disease.

Mr Woodley and Restocking

Let’s first look at Mr Woodley’s experiences, he writes in 1917:-

“I, as a scourged member of the craft, am not chastened by being wiped out [by the “Isle of Wight” Disease], or nearly so, twice…I set about repairing the damage at the outset with some success; in fact, by using formalin and Lysol in equal proportions spread on strips of thin board and pushed in at the entrances twice weekly of many of my hives, the first spring of the outbreak of “Isle of Wight” disease I preserved every stock so treated, and I quite thought I had got a remedy, and had a good take of honey from these hives, but the following winter and spring I lost most of them.  Then I bought new swarms, both English and Dutch.  Both strains were hived in disinfected hives, boiled frames, new foundations.  Again using most of the advertised remedies, I had a fair take of honey.”1

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Outlets for Producers: Uffington White Horse Show

VDBKA. 2. Honey from several beekeepers was on sale. Those members who were helping man the stall could sell their honey.

The Beekeeper deserves to earn some pennies for his/her travails.  This blog focuses on one particular outlet for the producer, namely the Uffington White Horse Show which occurs annually.  This year the event took place Sunday/Monday 26/27 August 2012 and was well attended despite the weather.  I helped to man the Vale and Downland Beekeepers Association’s Stall.
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Extracting Honey: From Comb to Jar

Uncapping the frames with a uncapping fork.

Apart from my newly collected swarm, I do have another colony of bees.  They are a young colony and because of the wet summer we have experienced in England, only 4 frames on honey were produced.

The blog takes the reader through the journey from the uncapping of the frames to screwing the lid on the jar containing the honey.

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