Winter Checks In The Apiary

I visited my apiary today, mainly to check the food-stores for each hive and generally to check if all is well. Please see video I made today.


Fondant and Matchsticks: Bee Hive Winter Preparations

Tub with fondant sitting on crown board.
Tub with fondant sitting on crown board.

This blog takes the reader through using Ambrosia fondant as a winter feed.  The blog briefly looks at ventilation with matchsticks.Read More »

Varroa Mite Control Part 3: Second Tin of Apiguard

4. Bees busy on the newly made comb. This was a surprise (although it shouldn’t have been) the bees were building comb between the crown board and the top of the frame. This was because of the gap created by the eke.

After two weeks since the first tin of apiguard was placed in the hive, it is time to put in the second tin.Read More »