King Of England for an Hour

My complaint to E.ON (energy supplier) took four different paths: a letter to the Chief Executive; E.ON’s complaints procedure; Oxfordshire Trading Standards, a letter to my MP (Member of Parliament).  One of these paths however, makes me think I might have been borrowing the Majesty of the Crown for just one hour.Read More »


The Psychology of Checking – Addiction to Technology

A Minimite Community (think Amish Community) were having a discussion about the use of public payphones.  They already had a prohibition on members of their community having personal telephones.  However, public pay-phones were never off limits and some Minimites were driving their buggies miles to use them, for what was considered less than urgent reasons, such as business transactions. ‘Frequent use of the phone, some felt, encouraged idle chatter, sped the pace of life, and reduced real-life contact with members of their community.'(1)Read More »

Gouging Health Check: Time to Look at Your Feelings

E.ON rung yesterday and so an argument (I mean a discussion) ensued.  Yesterday’s achievement was getting the direct debit down from £138 per month to £40.  However, a lot of time and energy was spent to achieve this and my ears I still ringing from the experience.

I think a mistake people make when they go through the experience of say an argument or have to fight to get a resolution, they don’t check what there mind is doing.  Sometimes your feelings can grind inside you: feelings such as anger, rage, injustice, helplessness and a multitude of wondering thoughts.  Such feelings can be unhelpful at best and toxic at worse.  They can also stop you functioning.Read More »

My Ill-fitting Clothes Shop

I subscribe to the ‘Presumptive Tag’ which is an online clothes shop with a difference, it chooses and sends me clothes to wear based on the online content I create.

I posted a blog about the Yule Tide festival yesterday and mentioned the winter solstice.  Sure enough I received a parcel from ‘Presumptive Tag’ very early this morning.  It was the clothes of a pagan and consisted of a green-cloak with sprig of holly sewn onto it.  It looked very nice but it didn’t fit me.  So I will sent it back.Read More »

Alfreds Mead, Alfred's Mead, AlfredsMead, Alfreds Mead Wantage, Alfred's Mead Wantage, AlfredsMeadWantage

How Do I Know If The Universe Is Trying To Tell Me Something?

I sometimes think I am a ‘Minecraft’ character and there is some teenager in another dimension operating me and controlling my environment for ‘shits and giggles’.

This week has been ‘hostile takeover’ week.  E.ON have just taken over my bank account and they will garnish it as they see fit.  And some troll is now using my beehiveyourself facebook page to ‘pimp his shit’.

Some Troll Pimping His Shit On My Facebook Page. Alfreds Mead, Alfred's Mead, AlfredsMead, Alfreds Mead Wantage, Alfred's Mead Wantage, AlfredsMeadWantage

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