Bake a Ginger Cake in a Rayburn Wood-fired Range-cooker

I came up with an idea to put my Rayburn through its paces for the purposes of making a video.  The idea was to bake a ginger cake, one of Delia Smith’s recipes, using my powered range cooker.  However, my idea of showcasing the Rayburn went awry, this movie turned out more ‘Delia’ than ‘Dick’ [Dick Strawbridge]…ho hum!  I had a deluge of footage of cutting, peeling, mixing, folding, spreading and cutting various food items, yet the Rayburn seems to be an incidental bystander.  The food element got edited to the barebones and a two minute film and a ginger cake were born.  Mind you, the cake turned out great!

Two tips are shown: control the Rayburn’s temperature with the ‘cold shelf’; soften the butter from the fridge with the use of the warming oven.

Based on the recipe by Delia Smith

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Wantage Farmers Market and a big THANK-YOU

I made a short video about Wantage Farmers Market.  I give a big THANK-YOU to all those who have taken an interest in both the Farmers Market and my last video.  Even though the weather and the Bank Holiday were unhelpful to the Farmers Market, there was a residual amount of visitors/tourists to Wantage.  It is my hope that my YouTube channel will show people what I made or do.   Also, I hope my channel will showcase Wantage with the intention of encouraging people to visit the town.  

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Wantage Farmers Market Hanging Dragon at Wantage Farmers Market







How can chickens lay Easter eggs?

How can chickens can lay Easter eggs?  My daughter recently went to collect the chickens’ eggs only to find that some of the eggs were a bit Easterish.  I have concluded this was caused because of the ‘Easter corn feed’ we had given the hens the day before.  I managed to capture the incident on film. Has anyone else had a similar experience with their chickens?