Summer Solstice Sunrise – White Horse Hill

This video is commemorates the Summer Solstice Sunrise at White Horse Hill.  White Horse Hill has a carving of a horse, the chalk geography gives the Horse its white appearance.  Some say the horse is not a horse but a cat!  

White Horse Hill is near Uffington, Oxfordshire, England.

Wearing my clogs I journey around White Horse Hill.  Much of the land is owned by the National Trust and the public can wonder around to their hearts content.  There is parking available nearby.

The Summer Solstice Sunrise ritual was performed by a pagan group on Dragon Hill.  Dragon Hill is a mound which is adjacent to White Horse Hill.  

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Summer Solstice at White Horse Hill, Uffington

Saluting the Sun - Dragon Hill, Uffington
Saluting the Sun – Dragon Hill, Uffington

I live in Wantage which is near to an ancient chalk carving called White Horse Hill.  It is believed that White Horse Hill was used as a hillfort, one of a line of hill forts along a byway called the Ridgeway.  Adjacent to the White Horse Hill is a man-made hill called Dragon Hill and it is here that Druids come to perform rituals during the solstices.Read More »