Save The Armoury


Today, if you were to travel along Port Way in Wantage and pass King Alfred’s Academy you would be forgiven for not paying much attention to a modest old building across the road from the school.

Commonly called the Armoury, once this building played an important role in safeguarding life and property in Wantage.  For it was the Fire Engine House and was built around 1878 to house the fire engine.Read More »

There’s A Bole In The Wall

to prop a leaning wall

I am currently holidaying in Scotland.  For several weeks I have been on the look-out for beeboles.  A beebole is an alcove or hole in a wall, where a skep or skeps could be placed; they were used to protect the skep and its bee inhabitants from the wind and rain.

Mr Woodley described Beedon (England) as having skeps within hackles as described in my previous blog.  My research in Beedon has, alas, found no beeboles.  Yesterday, I went to Dunfermline and visited the Abbots House and guess what, I found a beebole with skep! I must add that there were no bees in skep.Read More »