Swarming Fever

I am looking out of the window onto my garden, the rain is pouring down and the clouds are black.  To my mind, the honeybees in this part of southern England will be cooped-up in their respective hives hatching plans about swarming.  By the time a sunny day arrives many the hives in this part of the world will be swarming.  But not to fear, Mr Woodley is at hand offer some advice…Read More »


Swarm of Bees at Haywards Close, Wantage

Last week I was called to collect a swarm at Haywards Close, Wantage, England.  By luck the swarm congregated on the lower branches of an apple tree which had a wall below it.  To add to my luck I had my camera with me and started filming the swarm; starting from it being a cloud of bees to a couple of balls on two branches of a tree. Read More »

Varroa Mite Control Part 3: Second Tin of Apiguard

4. Bees busy on the newly made comb. This was a surprise (although it shouldn’t have been) the bees were building comb between the crown board and the top of the frame. This was because of the gap created by the eke.

After two weeks since the first tin of apiguard was placed in the hive, it is time to put in the second tin.Read More »

Swarm of Bees: Progress Report

Bees cleaning the comb

The collected swarm has been in their hive 2 weeks.  On my first hive inspection (Tuesday) the bees had akwardly built comb in a gap between the wall of the hive and the frame.  This had to be removed because it would impede future hive inspections.  Nonetheless, the bees had made great progress, drawing comb in five of the ten frames.  The queen is laying; there are eggs and larvae in the brood box which is a great sign!

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Swarm of Bees At Foliat Drive

Monday’s warm weather (29/7/2012) encouraged a swarm of bees.  The bees congregated in a conifer bush adjacent to a public footpath.  I noticed the swarm during the early afternoon and decided it would be to everyone’s benefit if I captured it.

Cardboard Box to Capture Bees

I only needed two pieces of equipment: a cardboard box and my smoker.  I placed the cardboard box above the swarm because bees have a propensity to move upwards.  I gently put puffs of smoke below the swarm to encourage them into the box.

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