Introducing New Chickens, Pecking Order and Training on Granpas Feeder

In this video we introduce new chickens to our existing flock, we discover the pecking order and train the new chickens on how to use Grandpas Feeder (Treadle Feeder).

We were kindly give four chicken by our neighbours who are moving abroad. We collected them in a box one evening and decide to put them in the coop just before the existing flock went to roost. We discovered the pecking order and we trained the new chickens on how to use Granpas Feeder.

Today, the new and old chickens are now much friendlier to each other but I am sure in the coming months they will be one happy flock.

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How can chickens lay Easter eggs?

How can chickens can lay Easter eggs?  My daughter recently went to collect the chickens’ eggs only to find that some of the eggs were a bit Easterish.  I have concluded this was caused because of the ‘Easter corn feed’ we had given the hens the day before.  I managed to capture the incident on film. Has anyone else had a similar experience with their chickens?





Keeping Chickens: Housing Requirements?

I have been kicking around the idea of keeping chickens.  I am thinking of building some form of chicken housing.  What I have been researching what are the critical housing requirements that chicken have.  I don’t have all the answers yet and I am hoping through the power of blogging that visitors to this site my contribute with ideas and first-hand experiences.

UPDATE 25 March 2018 – see my chicken house/shed/coop in action in my latest post.Care for your Chickens while on Holiday

UPDATE 23/9/2012 – have made some updates based on comments received and research made.

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