why i quit facebook and why you probably won’t

I have left/quit/deleted my facebook account.  It was not an easy decision yet I am glad I did it.

This video is not about what buttons to press to delete your facebook account but instead I give you my reasons for quitting facebook.

I explain why I think you probably won’t quit facebook and perhaps buying hosting space and creating your own content or even creating your own social platform, might be a more honest and autonomous way to conduct your life on the internet.

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A Machine and Not A Man

It is a machine but didn’t we already know that?  I rang Channel 4 yesterday and asked to be put through to the makers of ‘Food Unwrapped’.  Ok, so you are now rolling your eyes at this point because you can already double-guess the outcome.

The polite gentleman said something along the lines that Channel 4 doesn’t give the public access to production companies.  The conversation could be summarised as follows.  I rung up and treated Channel 4 like a mate down the pub, hoping we could come-up with some reasonable remedy to a wrong they’ve done.  If you remember my post from yesterday, ‘Food Unwrapped’ claimed soft-set honey was made by adding glucose.  I suggested maybe the presenter Kate could get something out on YouTube or social media that ‘Food Unwrapped’ made a mistake.  I in turn could tell my customer and friends of this mistake.  I also suggested whether I could use some of their footage so I could debunk the ‘Food Unwrapped’ claims.

Although the man at the end the phone seemed nice, as the conservation wore on phrases like ‘but we can’t do that’, ‘write in and we’ll process your complaint’, ‘that would be against our rules’ or ‘that would infringe our copyright’ kept popping-up.  At that point it was obvious that I was trying to have a constructive relationship with a machine.

Machines have several working parts, some of the parts are made from materials and are programmed or calibrated and, some of the parts are made from flesh and follow rules and procedures.  I think we get confused because we see and hear the ‘flesh’ element of the machine, and then think the machine is just like us.  When ‘flesh’ turns up for work their humanity is left at home.  ‘Flesh’ is there to follow rules and yesterday, I was just an awkward ‘input’ which had to be processed some how.

Channel 4’s purpose, like all other media machines, is to capture your eyeballs.  Their role is to keep you glued in trance to the box at the end of your room. Their advertisers and other controlling parties, like it this way.  Channel 4 do not serve your interests and may actually damage you.  We are complicit in this because we believe the t.v. is our friend and companion.   I can only appeal to you and say, if you value your autonomy and ability to think freely, go and unplug your goggle-box right now!