Prints Now Available: King Alfred the Great Statue Wantage

Beehive Yourself! presents:-

Have you a connection with Wantage? Or an interest in King Alfred the Great? Or know someone who does?

Christmas is coming so why not treat yourself or someone you know to a hand-made print of the King Alfred Statue.  The King Alfred statue is an icon for the town of Wantage and is situated in the middle of Wantage Market Place (Wantage Town Centre).

These prints are being sold at Dolphin Art, 23-24 Market Pl, Wantage OX12 8AE.  This is a local independent shop so please support it.  Dolphin Art sells a lot of Wantage Art or should I say, many pieces of art from local artists in the Vale of the White Horse.

My wife, Pauline Herbert, is a Wantage based artist and has begun to sell her linocut prints.  

If you LoveWantage, wouldn’t a handmade print of the King Alfred statue be a nice addition to your home or the home of someone you love.

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Lots of Little Decisions

DSC04847Creating something consists of umpteen little experiments and hundreds of little decisions.  Something is not ready until it looks, feels and even smells ready.  For me, it is repeatedly asking myself, ‘am I happy with that?’.  There are many ‘no’s’ before I get to my final ‘yes’.  Yesterday’s task of trying to get the colour right on the text for the mead-label was just a good example of how trial and error creates art.  Naturally, all the credit for the label goes to Pauline, I just keep piping up with silly ideas.


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Mary Somerville Elwes

M.S. Elwes: Visit to Stony Creek, Connecticut

I am writing this blog today because of the power of WordPress in connecting like-minded people, in my case with Donald Clarke from across the pond in the United States.  I thank Don for his generosity in providing information and photographs about the artist Mary Somerville Elwes (M.S. Elwes).

An earlier blog I wrote was about M.S. Elwes and her watercolour painting of Garden Cottage (Mr Woodley’s home). At the end of the blog I made an appeal for further information.  Don very kindly replied saying he had a painting by M.S. Elwes which was of Stony Creek, in Connecticut USA (see below).  Don kindly send me photographs and commented on the watercolour:Read More »