King Of England for an Hour

My complaint to E.ON (energy supplier) took four different paths: a letter to the Chief Executive; E.ON’s complaints procedure; Oxfordshire Trading Standards, a letter to my MP (Member of Parliament).  One of these paths however, makes me think I might have been borrowing the Majesty of the Crown for just one hour.

Lets put this in context.  I have a friend who had a complaint with an energy supplier and it took her six months to get a resolution. My complaint with my energy supplier (E.ON) started about ten days ago.

The letter to the Chief Executive was sent to E.ONs registered office.  I sent it by recorded delivery.  No one I subsequently spoke to from E.ON had received it.

My first phone call to E.ON concluded that the only way they could amend my direct debit was to raise a complaint.  Eight days later I spoke to Chloe from E.ONs resolutions team.  My direct debit was amended to £40 (it turned out it hadn’t been) and they offered me a derisory £29 to resolve the complaint. I wasn’t happy about the offer, so it went to another level of the complaints process.

My letter to Oxfordshire Trading Standards was returned to me yesterday.  They weren’t interested.  I am not sure what their purpose is.  They might as well shut down the department.

I did get a phone call yesterday from the Chief Executive’s Office.  They had received a letter from my M.P which contained a copy of my letter to the Chief Executive, you know the one I described above which was send to the registered office.  Oh boy, were they interested about my concerns and they were so apologetic and they couldn’t do enough for me.  They sorted out my direct debit (which I thought was already sorted out but it wasn’t) and they offered me £120 compensation.   Complaint resolved!

My explanation dear Reader is this.  Her Majesty the Queen made a contract with the people during the Coronation Oath.  She is the fountain of all our liberties and freedoms in this country.  Her powers are delegated to the Prime Minister and Parliament, so my MP has a piece of the Majesty of the Crown.  My MP lent his portion of the Crown out to me via his letter to E.ON.  E.ON were now my subjects, so I suppose my wish was their command.  E.ON were very so anxious to resolve this matter.  I think there would have been consequences for E.ON if hadn’t resolved the matter and I recon they just didn’t want to find out what those consequences would be.

I am very mindful that how we might think the world works, isn’t really so.  And maybe ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ is probably the closest depiction of reality we are going to get.


One thought on “King Of England for an Hour

  1. Trading ruddy standards offices. Raggleglarble. Useless bunch of…

    Yes, a good M.P. can get you a long way! The problem sometimes is electing the good ones… *Looks at Boris Johson and sighs* Who voted that turnip in!

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