Gouging Health Check: Time to Look at Your Feelings

E.ON rung yesterday and so an argument (I mean a discussion) ensued.  Yesterday’s achievement was getting the direct debit down from £138 per month to £40.  However, a lot of time and energy was spent to achieve this and my ears I still ringing from the experience.

I think a mistake people make when they go through the experience of say an argument or have to fight to get a resolution, they don’t check what there mind is doing.  Sometimes your feelings can grind inside you: feelings such as anger, rage, injustice, helplessness and a multitude of wondering thoughts.  Such feelings can be unhelpful at best and toxic at worse.  They can also stop you functioning.

This is what I do and it is bizarre.  I sit with those feelings as an observer.  I want to savour those feelings as if they were samples like at a wine tasting event; what do they really feel like and what do those feelings do for me?  And then, tell yourself to enjoy those feelings, as if you had developed some weird fetish for them.  Repeat exercise as necessary.

Doing this little exercise will mean that next time, those sorts of feelings won’t hit so hard and you won’t want to run from them so badly.  And let’s face it, in my case they were caused by a Corporation (EON) who is part of the ‘system’.  The purpose of the ‘system’ is to suck your blood and control you.  When you don’t let the system harm you, you have won.


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