Merry Consumer-Mas!

What I am trying to describe is the period in the year revolving around the Winter Equinox 21/22 December.  Society has overlaid this period with various narratives.  The latest incarnation is the Consumer-Mas celebration.

During the run-up to this festival, industrial society takes the earth’s natural resources and makes consumer goods plus pollution.  We as ‘consumers’ (we were once called people) buy these consumer goods using debt-based money to give as gifts.  On the day of Consumer-mas we give the consumer goods away so we can prove our love to people (or should I say fellow consumers).  Then the days and weeks after Consumer-mas we place out for collection all the waste generated from Consumer-mas.  Some goes into landfill (pollution).  Sometimes the waste gets recycled and this requires energy which also generates pollution.  Still, recycling helps us feel less guilty about the whole consumer-mas charade.

I have a feeling Consumer-mas won’t be long lived.  We live on a finite planet which has finite resources.  The endowment of fossil fuels which power our industrial societies are getting expensive to extract, especially if you consider the energy return on energy invested.

It might be better to celebrate the beauty of our planet.  Let’s abandon consumer-mas and celebrate Yuletide and the birth of the sun on the Winter Equinox.



One thought on “Merry Consumer-Mas!

  1. I spent years selling everything I owned to de-clutter my life. Then for a few years accepted gifts at Christmas I didn’t want after explaining to people I didn’t want them. Then a few years ago, I said if it’s not food or a consumable that I don’t need to find space for, I will give it back.

    After giving back a great many gifts, now all I get is a few boxes of biscuits. It’s awesome. I’ll leave Consumer-Mas behind.

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