A Letter To The Gougers

[I have made a short video which sets the scene on this issue – please click here]

Dear Sir,

1. I received a letter from E.ON dated 15 November 2017 regarding increasing my fixed monthly direct debit from £32 to £138.  This is an increase of over 400% and is without justification.

2. I spoke to two of your colleagues on Monday 20 November 2012.  During the first call I made to E.ON (around midday), I spoke to Louise, but ironically there was a power cut and I could not complete the call.

3. The second call to E.ON was made in the early afternoon and I spoke to Tihomir.  I was kept on the phone for 1 hour and 26 minutes.  I did ask Tihomir whether E.ON could call me back, but Tihomir said it was E.ON’s policy not to call customers back.

4. At the end of the call Tihomir said the Resolutions Manager would call me back the next day (which would be Tuesday 21 November 2017) but no one called me.  I stayed in all day for this call.  This is an outrageously poor standard of service.

5. Tihomir looked at my account with E.ON and agreed that my energy usage was generally in line with the amount I pay via direct debit which was £32 per month.

6. I also explained to Tihomir the set-up of my house to explain my energy usage, but for your benefit I will explain it to you now.  I live in a small three bedroomed semi-detached house with good insulation.  In 2015 we installed a wood-fired Rayburn.  A Rayburn is a range stove which has a range and an oven.  Everyday,  we cook our meals on the Rayburn and during the winter months it provides enough heat to keep the house warm; indeed we have not had the radiators on since 2015!

7. Resultantly, our energy usage through-out the year is flat and does not follow the standard bell-curve during the colder months.  Notwithstanding this, a 400% increase is an extreme projection for our winter energy usage and Tihomir agrees with me.

8. I have offered Tihomir my meter readings going back to 2015 but he was not able to accept them because E.ON does not have a place for them on the ‘system’.  I asked Tihomir if E.ON received historic energy meter readings from my previous energy suppliers and he said he was unsure.

9.  Tihomir, was unable to make any adjustment to my direct debit.

10.  Please find below meter readings going back to 2015.  These meter readings are from 1st or 2nd day in the month, but if you want more frequent readings I can provide them also.  This is because I read and record my electricity and gas meters nearly everyday.

Date Electricity (meter reading) Gas (meter reading)
1 May 2015 65588 3570
1 June 2015 65740 3580
1 July 2015 65859 3589
1 August 2015 65988 3596
1 September 2015 66099 3601
1 October 2015 66218 3609
1 November 2015 66339 3617
1 December 2015 66454 3625
1 January 2016 66583 3633
1 February 2016 66708 3642
1 March 2016 66828 3650
1 April 2016 66953 3660
1 May 2016 67059 3670
1 June 2016 67163 3678
1 July 2016 67273 3687
1 August 2016 67387 3696
1 September 2016 67516 3704
1 October 2016 67633 3713
1 November 2016 67750 3723
1 December 2016 67867 3735
1 January 2017 67997 3746
1 February 2017 68115 3757
1 March 2017 68217 3767
1 April 2017 68321 3778
1 May 2017 68414 3789
2 June 2017 68522 3799
1 July 2017 68628 3807
1 August 2017 68749 3815
1 September 2017 68847 3822
1 October 2017 68961 3831
1 November 2017 69087 3842

11. Alternatively you might wish to consult with my previous energy suppliers, they were:-

First Utility (until June 2017) account number: [removed by beehiveyourself]

Sainsbury’s Energy (June 216) account number: [removed by beehiveyourself]

Both of these accounts were in my name and I give my consent for E.ON to contact them for the purposes of obtaining meter readings.  Naturally, I have given historic meter readings above, so it might be unnecessary.

12. Since I have been with E.ON (June 2017) I have provided E.ON with regular meter readings.

13.  It is clear to me that E.ON wishes to continue charging me £138 per month.  I have in this letter given a written explanation of the heating/cooking arrangements of my home.  I have provided E.ON (in this letter) with historic meter readings and I have given information to contact my previous energy suppliers (in this letter).

14. I understand from my conversation with Tihomir, that the direct debit payment of £138 would be projected to May 2018.  During this projected period (November 2017 – May 2018) E.ON would accumulate £828 in payments from me.  I believe about £200 of this sum would be justifiable for my energy use.  So in essence I will be alienated from about £600 of my money by May 2018.  In effect, I will be giving E.ON a free line of credit.  It is inequitable that one of E.ON’s poorest customers will be a creditor to a multinational company.

15. E.ON has not advised me when and how I might receive my money back through this egregious over-charging.

16.  E.ON’s actions so far lead me to suspect that E.ON is attempting Fraud by Abuse of Position as set out in section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006.    I am sure E.ON might consider the alienation of my money, however temporary, avoids making this issue serious. However, E.ON should take note to section 5 (2) of the Fraud Act governing “gain” and “loss”. This subsection explains that “gain” or “loss” with regard to fraud ‘include any such gain or loss whether temporary or permanent’.

17.  E.ON has been unwilling to modify the direct debit based on the information I have given and offered.  E.ON has been vague about the usage information they may or may not hold from previous energy suppliers.  I think these facts alone, speak of a state of mind intent on wrong doing.

18. As I suspect criminal activity, I am passing a copy of this letter to the following:-

Oxfordshire Trading Standards:

Ed Vaizey MP for Wantage

19.  In the meantime, I hope E.ON will seek to remedy this issue.

Yours sincerely

beehiveyourself 😉



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