Is E.ON Gouging Me?

Yesterday I received a revised direct debit letter from my electricity and gas company, who are called ‘E.ON’.  They increased my monthly payments by just over 400% from £32 per month to £138 per month.  My current direct debit is actually covering my current usage of electricity and gas quite nicely; the last quarter I used about £90 of gas and electricity (3x £32 direct debits payments =£96).

Britain is often referred to as ‘Treasure Island’ because companies can come over here and nicely screw its inhabitants out of their treasure.  E.ON is a German company.  I can ill afford paying £138 per month. My phone call to E.ON yesterday resulted in me hanging on the phone for 1 hour and a half.  The only remedy the man at the end of the phone could offer was for me to raise a complaint, which I duly did.

I did explain to E.ON that my usage throughout the year is fairly consistent because I have a wood burning Rayburn.  A Rayburn is a range-stove with an oven and it heats our small house a treat.  Please see the respective graphs of gas (left picture) and electricity (right picture).  Please notice our gas and electricity usage does not increase in winter.

I am however suspicious that wrong-doing might be occurring here.  Over-charging could be a nice way of getting a free line of credit from its customers.  Customers’ money could then be lent out to the money markets in the City of London and thus making some interest on it.

The Government has encouraged its citizens to switch energy providers.  I switch each year. I can’t understand why the energy companies can’t transfer over historic meter readings with the customer.  This way projected meter readings could be more accurate.  But this should not stop customers giving historic meter readings to their current energy supplier that they have recorded themselves.

However, I shall furnish E.ON with historic meter readings to prove my case and if they don’t back down I we will seek to press charges for Fraud by Abuse of Position (section 4 and Section5 of the Fraud Act 2006) either with the Thames Valley Police or Oxfordshire Trading Standards.  I have no other option.


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