What To Feed Your Pet Troll?

I have now arrived on the internet scene because yesterday I was given my first troll.  My troll lives on my YouTube Channel and I don’t think I have been feeding him well; I hope this blog won’t get me into trouble with the animal welfare people.

My Troll likes to forage around to see if I have any emotional attachments.  I think he was hoping I had an emotional attachment for being ‘right’ and he would take the opposite side the trade, by telling me I am ‘wrong’.  That way, I would cough-up a nice juicy nugget of my spleen which no doubt he would chew happily on for hours.  I would recommend that whatever you feed your troll, you don’t feed him your soul, because generally, trolls are bred to be energy vampires.

I know many of you love seeing fluffy kittens playing and puppies getting up to high jinks but hey, come and see my pet troll.  He’s cute!

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