Be Our Super-Hero

I know several friends who have big talents and hardly anyone either knows about them or their talents.  I sometimes wonder, if only people knew what experience, insights and ideas my talented friends have, maybe just maybe, people would give them a lot more respect.

The little town where I live, Wantage, has its big fish whom everyone in the town knows of.  But I do wonder if their notoriety is really deserved or their talents really worthy of such acclaim.

I think some of the problem might be down to British culture.  For some reason we hate the successful yet love the underdog.  We don’t like people to be ‘above their station in life’ and we often meet with glee when the time comes to knock these ‘show-offs’ down a peg or two.

I am not asking my friends to be show-offs but the world wants to know what their super-powers are, just like we know what Spiderman’s powers are.  We are living on the eve of momentous change.  In a time where we will be experiencing limits in the Earth’s resources, limits in economic growth and in bad-times maybe even limits to trust.  But the world wants to know about my friends’ super-powers because I and my little town will be relying on them to be our heroes when the time comes.

None of them seem to be building an online platform to share their talents; WordPress, and Youtube are just two where they could share their insights for free.  I am even thinking of starting a podcast and inviting my friends on as guests, just to give them a leg-up.

We are blessed to live in a time of great connectivity thanks to the internet, and collaboration has never been easier.  Yet I badly want my friends to be super-heros.

POST SCRIPT: Pauline has a playlist on the ‘Beehive Yourself’ YT Channel.  Art is her super-power.

Pauline’s Playlist



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