Getting Creamed!

My wife watches the t.v. but I try and keep away from it because it is a tool of the devil.

A Channel 4 program called ‘Food Unwrapped’ gave us the ‘low-down’ on soft-set honey also known as creamed honey (Series 12 Episode 3).  In the UK we can’t call soft-set honey ‘creamed honey’ because a court case once concluded that as it does not contain cream and so it falls foul of the Trades Description Act.  Yet so does this program!

My issue was that the presenter, Kate Quilton,  at the end on the piece about “set” honey narrates the following

“by adding extra glucose, then carefully cooling it, that’s how you speed up the production of a set honey”.

The bee-keepers showing her how soft-set honey was made, told and showed the presenter that they seeded the runny honey with SET HONEY.  SET HONEY is not glucose!

I don’t use glucose when I make soft-set honey.  The beekeepers on the show didn’t either.  But the t.v. is a powerful media and people believe the content spewing from the goggle-box to be true.

To the t.v. watchers out there I would also like to add that the word ‘gullible’ is not in the dictionary.  What did you say? You didn’t know that fact. Ok point proven.

This program was far from being the ‘low-down’ on the difference between soft-set honey and runny-honey but the creation of an urban myth. Just like the story that bees make honey and wasps make marmite.

I can anticipate that this t.v. show will shake people’s confidence in honey for sale in jars being a natural product.  I have 30 jars of soft-set honey in my fridge just about ready for sale.  If selling these jars of soft-set honey become a struggle because of this new urban myth about glucose,  I will feel well-creamed just like my honey!


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