Housekeeping: The Never Ending Soup Pot

I became aware during the end of last week that something was burning at the bottom of the pot.  I think that whilst I had topped-up with potatoes and carrots, I hadn’t added water, and resultantly the soup had become so think that the liquid had lost its ability to circulate in the pot.  Hence the burnt bottom.

In addition, Sunday dinner was lamb chops and I had saved the bones.  These bones were small and fragmented and probably a choke hazard if they were to be put into the pot.  Time for some housekeeping.

The soup in the pot was ladelled into a large kilner jar.  Care was taken to avoid labelling the crud at the bottom of the pot.  Once the soup was decanted, the pot was soaked in warm soapy water in the hope it would remove the crud at the bottom.  The crud had to be attacked with a table knife and eventually steel wool, in addition to soakings with washing-up liquid and washing soda.  I have concluded that the ‘never ending soup pot’ needs skill in its daily management.

Once the pot was clean, I put in the lamb bones and added enough water to cover them.  I boiled them up for about an hour.  I have to say at this point that my pot is a pressure cooker, so 1 hour in the pressure cooker equates to about 3 hours in a normal pot.  The lamb bones made stock, a this was drained through a sieve to remove the bones.

The new stock and the soup from the kilner jar was returned to the pot and reheated.

I shall be mindful each day to ensure the soup is not too think and if it is, I shall add water.  I shall continue to add vegetables and pulses as required.  I am glad to say that service has resumed for the ‘never ending soup pot’.


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