The Story of the Naked-Invisible Man

The naked invisible man would go about his business both naked and invisible, he just couldn’t help it.

Each morning he would write about his naked and invisible antics on his blog.  He would do small videos about his invisible and naked life which he would post on YouTube.  He would share naked pictures of himself on Facebook and used this platform to share all his work.

His critics were really starting to get fed up of him.  They told him:-

“Someone might see your nakedness and be offended! “

“Your invisible manhood is scary and it might attract bad people to the places you go to and ruin our events!”

“Your invisible letter to your MP might result in your MP’s invisible colleagues in other invisible Government Departments doing bad things to you!”

Alas his critics didn’t realised that the naked-invisible man was both naked and invisible.

The naked-invisible man felt ashamed about his work and stopped.  He even hid some of his work.  He decided he had nothing to say to the world anymore and he felt it would be better all round if he wore clothes just like everyone else.

And so dear Reader, and here is the punchline, from that day onwards the naked-invisible man became invisible.







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