Choosing The Authentic

Many of you would have stayed in the warmth of your homes last night.  I would wager a large proportion of the people who stayed-in were dreading the knock on the door with the call of “trick or treat!” on opening.  Does halloween have any meaning beyond people one day a year emulating the Rocky Horror Show or the Adams Family?  A big, fat NO!  It’s just a charade which has been promoted and marketed by big corporations to sell more shit.  It is another example of capitalism turning the earth’s natural resources into plastic witch-costume styled pollution.

A cohort which is very, very smaller than the halloween door-knockers, were last night acknowledging the phase of the year and the passing of love ones.  I am talking about the beginning of a ‘tide’ or season called Samhain (pronounced sow-wane).  It is the tide whose beginning is marked by the point in the year between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.  It is a time when the veil has thinned between this world and the next.  And it marks winter.

I partook in a Samhain ritual last night.  For me, it is a mental marker to inform me of where I am in the year and a time of reflection as to what I should be doing or preparing for.  I acknowledged the ancestors and their passing.

Last night there was no trick and no treat for me.  I chose authentic instead; made from 9 parts substance and 1 part style.



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