We Run Things, Things Don’t Run We!

This post follows-on from my letter to my MP about a bill which is going through the Houses of Parliament, which would ‘regulate’ home-schooling.

Man (in the non-gender specific sense) created Government.  Therefore Government was created to serve man.  It is no co-incidence that the word ‘minister’ come from the latin ‘ministro’ to serve.  Government is there to serve its creator i.e. man.  I suspect the Government and all the various arms of the state think it is the other way around.

Well who created man?  Probably a man and a woman getting together somewhere along the line.  But it might well be useful to find a God or Gods, when dealing with the wonderful world of Government.  For the sake of argument, God(s) created man, so man serves God(s) and is answerable to God(s).  If it is the other way around it would be idolatry.  It just so happens that the source of Government’s power in England is via the HM the Queen.   HM took a coronation oath which is a contract between her and the people, and brings God into the equation.

Both the title of HM the Queen and body of Government, are concepts or things and, might well be represented by a piece of paper which might have signatures and seals on it.  So, to give these concepts life, they need to be animated by the energy of men and women, or nothing happens.  The people who are doing the work or providing the public services, are collectively creating a ‘body’ or a CORPS (a corse is a dead body).  In the legal world, the collective body is known as a CORPoration.  A corporation is not a living thing as such and therefore it needs some sort of face which we can see or recognise or refer to it by – perhaps it needs a mask?  Mask in latin is called a PERSONA – it is where we get the word ‘person’ from.

But here is where the switch took place.  Man also acquired a mask(s) from the Government, (your national insurance number might be a good starting point when thinking about this) so this enabled Government to interact with the Man’s mask (PERSON) on an equal or maybe even on a subservient way.  Through the device of a PERSON, a man could be a servant to something it created, thanks to his mask.

Each one of us needs to be a man and yes, this applies even if you are a woman (womb-man).  Remember the Government is there to serve man and not there other way around.  And to quote from Miley Cyrus’ song “We Can’t Stop”:

“We Run Things, Things Don’t Run We,

We Don’t Take Nothing From Nobody”





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