Give Us This Day Our Daily Pizza-Bread

I slept well last night and I felt refreshed this morning, so I had a little more vigour this morning than usual.  Monday is ‘Pizza night’ and I decided to make bread dough; hopefully to form a habit of it being a morning routine.  I have now discovered that the ‘pre-caffeine’ me is able to do the following:

  • Measure 1 cup and a bit, of warm water and add yeast and sugar to it, then forget about it for 10 minutes so it becomes frothy;
  • Measure 3 cups of bread flour;
  • In a bowl I am able to mix and kneed the ingredients and when the process is completed, I am able to put a tea-towel on the top of the mixing-bowl and go about the house feeling pleased with myself!

The dough was made after twenty minutes of bodily activity and with very little brain power.

The main difference from last week was firstly, I simplified the recipe into cups; weighing things on a set of scales is too difficult in a  ‘pre-caffeine’ environment.  Secondly, I am more familiar with the process of making bread and so fewer brain-cells were required to power the operation compared to last week.

To close, I say thank-you to  ‘simplicity’ and ‘familiarity’ for opening the way for early morning dough-making.




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