Cups – the hero of morning routines

Living here in Blighty, we tend to weigh things rather than scoop things when we want to  follow a recipe.  However, in the land of the ‘exceptionals’, they use cups.  I was a little sceptical about ‘cups’ because surely ‘cups’ must come in all shapes and sizes, and would my cup at home be the same size as the cup of the author of the recipe?

I looked up what a ‘cup’ was as a unit of measurement and to my surprise it was about 240ml.  This equates to a ‘bog-standard’ mug you can get from a supermarket.  I would wager if you have a mass-produced cup or mug, it will conform to this standard.

My previous blogs this week have been about morning routines and I have concluded that for a morning routine task to be successful, it needs to have a very low concentration threshold.  Getting the scales out, putting the ingredients on the scales and then taking care to get the right amount, is far too much concentration for first thing in the morning.  But swap weighing for cupping, and life is easy!  Just fill a cup to the top with your ingredients, add it to a bowl and repeat the process if the recipe requires it.

Simplicity will be the secret to perfecting my morning routine.


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