The Never Ending Soup Pot

Sunday I picked-up a bargain.  I became the proud owner of a very large gammon joint for £6. I boiled the gammon with water in the pressure cooker and the meat did Sunday dinner and the remaining stock I reboiled the next day with split-peas, lentils, grated carrots and grated potatoes .   The resulting soup was lovely and since Monday I have had soup for lunch along with gammon sandwiches.

Then I struct upon an idea, which perhaps is a very old idea which mediaeval people did with their pottage cauldron. Let me explain, at the time of writing this blog, the pressure cooker is one quarter full of soup and I still have a fair bit of cooked gammon to use and, carrots and potatoes are plentiful in the household.  Why not just refill the pressure cooker?  It sounds easier than starting a soup from scratch and I could throw-in suitable items, like split peas, lentils, carrots and potatoes, that are going spare.

If this idea is a success, then I have started what could be called  ‘soup perpetual motion’ – periodically I just need to top-up the pressure cooker.  And keeping to the theme of my recent blog entries, the top-up task could be part of my morning routine.  Maybe the morning routine I am looking for is more about topping-up than creating something new.  After all, creating something needs caffeine.


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