Can A Morning Routine Bring You Autonomy?

I recently read Dmitry Orlov’s book “Shrinking The Technosphere”.  Chapter 3 (Approaches and Departures) had a list of Harmful and Beneficial attributes of technology.  Technology is considered in the widest sense; any tool, machine or activity which serves humans. So for instance a characteristic of a technology  might be “disposable” and this is in the harmful column of the list.  Conversely,  the opposite characteristic is “maintainable” and this is in the beneficial column.  Or another example: “powered” = harmful.  Whereas the opposite characteristic is “unpowered/self-powered” = beneficial.

Maybe my morning routine could set in motion some technologies which have beneficial attributes; maybe be making bread dough by hand could be one these.  Maybe I could use the time the sow seeds or tend to  plants, for instance.  Or maybe the morning routine could be 15 minutes of structured thinking-time and perhaps Dmitry Orlov’s list could play a part in this thinking-time.

All of this thought on morning routines is my effort to become more autonomous and less reliant on the economic system.  A system which seems to be doing a very efficient job of turning the earth’s natural resources into pollution.


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