Pre-Revolution Britain?

Could we look back at this point in history and reflect that this period in time was pre-revolution Britain.  I recently listened to a debate in the House of Commons about how some of the poorest and vulnerable people in our society are being cruelly treated by  “Universal Credit” system; the debate in the Commons changed nothing.  I see with my own eyes the white envelopes being handed out to parents at school pick-up-time, who need their children to have ‘free school meals’.  (Yes, this happens in Wantage, Oxfordshire – who would think it!) There are a lot of poor people out there and we are blind to it; that is of course until we become poor and experience life at the bottom of the food-chain.

Two thoughts: ‘when people loose everything and have nothing to loose, they loose it!’ And a growing number of people are either loosing everything or are vulnerable to loosing everything.

The other thought: ‘ideas destroy cities’.  We are still to see an idea or a story emerge which would figuratively destroy a city or an establishment .  A story that the many can tell themselves and a story about how the establishment/current system must be replaced.  The means or the method by which the establishment could be replaced is up for debate.  But be sure, the discontent of a growing number of people on this island will be the midwife for such a  ‘city destroy[ing]’ idea.


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