“Hello, is Mr Woodley at home?”

Each time I visited Worlds End, I badly wanted to knock on Mr Woodley’s door; I don’t know what stopped me on previous occasions but because I was armed with the 1896 photo and a copy of my extracts from ‘Notes by the Way’ I had a little more confidence.

Today I knocked on the door; the door opened but it wasn’t Mr Woodley.  I showed the current owner the 1896 photo and after a fair amount of talking about Mr Woodley, the gates to the magic kingdom opened!

I was able to take some photos and some of them I will share with you today.  I kind of wish it was winter because the leaves on the trees do obscure a lot of detail.  Oh yeah, do you remember ‘Dr Who’? – every couple of series the Doctor would regenerate, well perhaps today so did Mr Woodley…

[keep scrolling down the page]

Regeneration 0 percent[keep scrolling]

Regeneration 25 percent

[don’t stop keep scrolling]

Regeneration 50 percent

[and again]


Regeneration 75 percent

[nearly done]

Regeneration 100 percent


5 thoughts on ““Hello, is Mr Woodley at home?”

    • Very much so, although I think she hadn’t seen my 1896 photo or the commentary I made on ‘Notes by the Way’. The owner, Liz, showed me the deeds of Garden Cottage, and it would appear that Mr Woodley rented garden cottage.

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